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Eric Benqué :
furniture for a villa

private commission
location : French Riviera

© Serge Demailly. © Serge Demailly. © Serge Demailly. © Serge Demailly. © Serge Demailly.

The interior and furniture project aims to an harmonious ensemble, where the furniture, the architecture and the geographical site meet.

Instead of a décor, that would be projecting an external image, the purpose here is to create a dialog between the furniture and it's context, both in the use of the objects, and in the perception and experience of the space.
Regarding the use, the integrated furniture also integrates all the terminals of the house latest technologies : air, image, sound and security controls. Those integrations allows to free the living spaces from all the technical objects that nowadays fill our houses. It re-introduces a fairer hierarchy and order in the different functions and gives maximum freedom to the user within his spaces.
Consequently, the furniture works in two times : panels, doors, screens first hide things away - giving way to light, views and spatial sequences. Then, when opening, pushing, flipping, the inner complexity appears and with it the domestic and intimate scale of things.
The design of the specific loose furniture, eventhough liberated from those technical constraints, is always carefull of the relation with the space in which they are installed. "Ainsi" the light will go throw the chest of drawers, as it does throw the bedrooms, "Ainsi" the main dining table is massive in its proportion, yet simplistic in it's material and making as an answer to the alternatively enclose and infinite space where it takes place.